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Holidays Season

Do you BELIEVE in the Magic of Christmas? Do you BELIEVE and love the excitement, joy and peace of the holidays? And finally, do you BELIEVE in Deaf pride during the Christmas season and always ? Then, you will BELIEVE in these unique and beautiful items we are offering to our Deaf and Hearing friends

For Hearing People Only
4th Edition

For Hearing People Only: the 4th Edition is written for people who have questions about Deaf culture, sign language, and Deaf life in general, and need a quick answer. It is not intended to be an in-depth excursion into a vast and complex subject, but to provide accurate and provocative answers to over a hundred persistent questions. It is a handbook for beginners. Each chapter is designed as an independent unit focusing on one topic.

Deaf Reality 101

Here, in a handy Q/A format, are answers to some of the most common questions about the Deaf community, Deaf people, and sign language. 60 illustrated chapters; 376 pages; paperback;includes bibliography and index.

Frank R. Turk's
From Oaks To Acorns

Here is our newest addition to the Deaf Life Press catalogue: Frank R. Turk’s first book, “From Oaks to Acorns: Promoting Deaf Youth Leadership Through Multigenerational Engagement.” It’s a history of the Deaf youth movement, Youth Leadership Camp, and National Leadership and Literacy Camp programs, with sage advice on starting a new youth-leadership organization.

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