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#085 JULY 1995


7th Anniversary Issue

Beauty and the Battle: Heather Whitestone is deaf, but she speaks. That angers her critics. Whose Miss America is she?, by Gigi Anders/USA Weekend

Heather Whitestone: an exclusive interview

“Us Deafies can run a business too” (Ramy Bustamante and Glenn Eichensehr of PYRAMerica Enterprise), by Albert Vargas/San Gabriel Valley Tribune “

HPO: Should all hearing people be required to learn signing, and if so, what are the absolute essentials?

A Few More Words: “I am so happy and grateful we know this”: a mother’s view of infant-hearing screening, by A. Cassia Margolis

Readers’ Responses: Should deaf drivers have “Handicapped” parking-space permits?

Faxview: Has the ADA had any impact on your life?

Video-Relay Interpreting: a new twist on picturephones

Caption Report: Spotlight on Vidmark Entertainment

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