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#091 JANUARY 1996


Signs of Conflict/Torn Between Two Worlds: Confusing options in early education lead to hard choices for parents (the communication/education/methodology debate in Vancouver, Canada), by Zsuzsi Gartner/Georgia Straight, part 1″

Visual Skills of Deaf People, by Ila Parasnis

“Tired of pretending to fit in”: Rachel Ortiz’s story, by Stella Sanfratello

Up Periscope! “Theatre” of the Obsolete? by PROTO-X (first installment)

HPO: Why do Deaf people always hug each other when they greet? Why do they always pat their friends on the shoulder just before they leave?

A Few More Words: “The system failed ‘Jane’ terribly,” by “A. C.”

Readers’ Responses: Would you be eager to buy a product that uses ASL and Deaf people in its commercials?

Faxview: Are Gallaudet and NTID doing a good job of teaching English to Deaf students?

“A priceless victory” (well, sort of): the settlement of a pilot’s lawsuit

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