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For Hearing People Only:
3rd Edition


For Hearing People Only answers some of the most common questions hearing people ask about Deaf culture and how Deaf people communicate and live.

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ISBN: 0963401637 Category

Using a Q/A format in a clear, non-jargon, entertaining style, For Hearing People Only, makes a good introductory or supplemental text for Deaf studies or signing and ITP students. An excellent gift for a hearing relative, friend, colleague, anyone! [Matthew S. Moore, Linda Levitan; (2003) 724 pages; soft cover.

Questions in the book include ones such as:

  • Is there one sign language for all countries?
  • Can’t all deaf people read lips?
  • Do deaf parents breed deaf children?
  • What bothers a deaf person the most about hearing people?

“Offers a quick fix without the mishmash of long-winded discourse and scholarly sources. Enlightening to Deaf people, including myself. Honest and fair, with sage observations. A practical Handbook on Deaf Life and ‘The Deaf Reality’. Should provoke lively discussion in class.”
–Reviewed by Dr. Robert F. Panara


The latest version, For Hearing People Only: 4th Edition (two volumes), is available to order!

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3rd Edition”

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